Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Quick update

An overdue update here. Over the last month I've been busy searching for a new home to live in and have been getting more and more involved with my course at Uni. The house hunting has been an absolute mission, although I think the end is in sight. I've found a nice three bedroom place, where I'll be getting a double room but there's a catch, I need to find someone to fill a single room and pay £110 p/w for it. That's pretty pricey for the area I'm living in. Fingers crossed it works out though.

On the poker front, it's been going.....AWFUL. From satalitte's alone I had built an $800 roll. Titly internet cafe sessions where I should have been working or sorting out the house huting front has led me to a roll of $250. The one thing I've learnt is that you really need to have your head on when your playing poker, you can't be distracted from anything, especially something big like finding a place to live, be distracting you. The way I was playing was just ridiculous, it was like I was trying to lose. Who know's maybe I was.

Anyway, I've banned myself from playing until I'm up to date with work/reading and have a place to live in. I still want poker to be a part of my life, as sad as that sounds, but not sure what to do with my $250 roll. I need a new target, some new motivation. The whole game has been getting a bit stale for me. Suggestions are very welcome.

P.S Come on Obama...one time!

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