Saturday, 27 September 2008

big loss...big save

I hadn't played poker all week due to finding my feet in London and being busy with getting started on my new course. However, by Thursday night and coming back home I decided to hit the tables.

I made the decision to play a $110 satalite as a) it was one of mt original goals to play 3+ $100 tournies and b) I thought if I don't play much I may aswell play something worthwhile. It was a slow structure so to keep my occupied I also tried entered an $8 rebuy. This didn't last long however as early on I found myself all in with aces against jacks and nines and found myself saying " No jack, no nine" you do. The flop of J99 was a pretty good indicator of things to come.

Deciding not to blow another $16 on the rebuy tournie I focused on the big one. Midway through I re-raise all in to a button raise with 8's, he call's with A10, and being the race king that I am I double through. With 9 left and 4 getting $550 and 2 getting $100 I was feeling optomistic. Things didn't go my way though after I'm forced to call an all in with AQ and the short stack has AK, and then pushing with any two cards on the button and losing to A9. So i'm out feeling like that was a pretty unsatisfying way to lose $110.

With the steam rising, I open up 4 $100 cash game tables. 4 hours later, I've lost a further $200. I was doing all the things you shouldn't: chasing my losses, playing with too much of my roll on the table, calling out of position, calling re raises with speculative hands and over slow playing my big hands.

Waking up the following day I didn't have the best feeling in my stomach as that's a large part of my roll gone, and then struggled through 18 holes of golf with my mind not really on it. After the golf I was tired but determined to win things back. Being a bit more sensible I played within my comfort zone..$15 tournies and $8 rebuys. After the first two tournies I had won back my $300! I won entry to both a $215 tourny and a $110 tourney. I also had a poker first for me: set-over-set-over-set. Obviously I had the top set....

Whilst playing I was also rummaging through some other poker blogs and noticed this one This guy is only 23 and built his roll playing on VC student free rolls after coming 2nd in one. Since then he has become rated as the 4th best at online poker in the world and won a brick load of money. Reading his blog you notice what it takes to reach that level: 100% discipline, dedication to reach your goals, ALWAYS playing for the win in a tourney (he hardly ever deals in tournies) and obviously a lot of skill. I'm not saying I want to reach that level, but it's good to know what it takes to get as far as he's gotten.


Ironmonk said...

I was playing a 10 seater £1/£2 on crypto once and 4 people were all in on a flop of K 7 4 rainbow. The hands? KK, 77, 44 and of course AA, soooooo sick!

Tom said...

that's a spicy meatball, standard ace on the river?

Ironmonk said...

Nah KK held and got ULTIMO value from his hand.

P.S. read my blog comment for a live tourney extravaganza!