Saturday, 9 August 2008

taking a shot

I'm about to play in the $320 satalitte to the APPT-Maccau tournament in China. The package is worth $6K and the tournament guarantee's 20 spots. Now this is a big jump in my usual $20 games I usually play...but let's hope the slow structure (5,000 starting chips, 20 min clock) can help me ease my way into it. The tournament starts in 15 minutes, so here's a few things I'm going to try and remember before I play.

-Don't worry about the money, it's cost me $12 to get in so i'm pretty much free rolling.
-Take time over decisions.
-Don' expect to win, just try and make good decisions.
-Learn from the experience of playing higher buy-in tourneys.

-Enjoy it...

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