Tuesday, 19 August 2008

a little time-out

Last Thursday I decided to take a week-off the poker tables.
I'd been playing a hell of lot recently and it suddenly dawned on me that I've got a lof of more important stuff to be getting on with before I go off to London at the end of September. I think missing out on the China package was a bit of a reality check that, no I'm not going to win a hell alot of money but yes I will be starting a course that I'm committing to for three years very shortly.
So far the time off has been good, catching up with people, getting more regular exercise and playing alot of golf. I'm not sure when i'll next play poker cos the time off has been pretty good for me.


mushyjim said...

love the time-out picture, looks like more of a "the next day" action to me though. How you doing? Enjoying the break from poker? Going to Semmens' on Saturday? x

Tom said...

lol, good call. She's a beauty.
I'm good, will be going on Saturday..see you there?!