Tuesday, 16 February 2010

first live cash in london

some mates at uni frequently go to the casino just to play roulette and i'd been meaning to join them on a trip for a while, so whilst drunkedly standing outside a club at 2am on a wednesday night and talks about going to the casino emerged i was prettttty keen. 30 minutes on a bus and we were outside the empire casino...and i headed to straight to the poker room whilst the others went to play roulette.

i thought buying in for 200 would be pretty standard, however i was very short stacked at the table. average stack was probably about £700-800 and the guy to my left had atleast 1.5k. I won a small pot preflop with aces, and about a £30pot with top pair with a flop bet, and then the big hand...The whole table has limped to me & I make it £20 with aces (i run good) and surprisingly get 4 callers, inclusing the sb. the flop 8h-6h-4s. the sb leads for £50. with so many players behind i just call. then the original utg limper makes it £150. other two callers pass and the sb folds. i wasn't loving the situation but with about £330 in the middle and only £130 behind, i went all in. although it was only £30 more to call he started seriously dwelling up. sweet. he then called. i showed, and he said he needed some help. even better. the turn and river were both 10's and he mucked.

i played another not particulary evenful hour, and cashed out +£350, making it a pretty sweet end to the night. I met my other mates and we decided that a full english breakfast would be in order...he was up £150 too. he goes to cash out and me and my other mate are just waiting watching some roulette...we then turnaround and my mate never made it to the cage and he's playing blackjack. at £40 a hand. i come over watch two hands which he loses and now he's down £60! d'oh!! oh well- we still get that full english in putney and its pretty awesome seeing all the commuters get on the tube whilst you are just coming back from the night.

so overall, really fun night and a bit more live poker success, sure my good luck live will run out soon. would love to play more there but don't have the roll to play in it properly, so i think i'll just go a few more times hopefully on spontaneous trips!

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Anonymous said...

Are you still playing poker or have you given up? I used to enjoy your blog, guess I should have commented more to give you some motivation to keep it alive!

Hope all's well