Thursday, 18 June 2009

more on mindset

As per my last post I was hoping to play alot of MTT's and go on a huge grind. I booked a vegas trip for New Years 2010, so time to fund it.

I made a $500 deposit and got off to a pretty bad start, dropping a $100ish or so and got pretty dispirited, even though I've lost a lot more in the past, I'm not earning at the moment so the money hurts a bit more. I turned to the cash tables and had a few sessions where I played far too long (4 tabling for 5-6 hours isn't great for the eyes) and played very badly and too high, a bad combination. Needless to say it hasn't been my finest poker week.

I'm not really in the right frame of mind to be playing my best - I'm on a long break from my degree and not working, so without income. The added pressure doesn't seem to be working... Playing for 5 hours and then getting two outted for the CL on the bubble doesn't do much for your mood either and I'm not sure I can take it!

Away from poker, I've been been getting in to some long distance training recently, I'm semi-addicted to it. One aim is to complete this ironman next year. There's a big chance I won't get accepted because it's pretty compeititve to get a place and although I'd love to do it, it's a massive committment. I reckon it's a great time for me to do it though, I'll have a fair amount of time to train and some mates to do it with.

Back to what I'm going to do with poker. I'm going to take a break from it, take down the odd tourney, and just enjoy the summer and hopefully also get some work experience. It's not like poker is going to go anywhere.


Ironmonk said...

Poker can rape your soul mate. It's a sick, sick, sick, sick game! Gooed luck on the Ironman, I'm sure you'll get in.

Can I advise something? Ditch Pokerstars, the cash games are too nitty IMO, totally crammed full of million-table-grinders. For tournies yeah they're great, but cash games are where it's at for the majority of the time. Try PKR, not only does it make poker more fun, but it's full of insane people who think they are playing Luigi's Castle. Good luck in whatever you do and take Vegas down!

mushyjim said...

I have to agree with forbzy. Even though I feel that I'm getting worse at poker by playing there, you can't beat easy money. Don't spread the word though.