Thursday, 28 May 2009

it's been some time

I haven't blogged it up in a while. Three factors why I think, a) I'm not playing the same volume I use to play b) When I have, I've been losing like a bitch (not a good reason not to blog though) and c) I'm not sure I have the answers to my last post, but I'll come to that, later on in the week.

Straight to the bankroll facts then. I cashed out just over $1k from the MTT result, in a moment of panic, when I lost KK v AA twice in a row for $100 each and went on the kind of tilt when just want your money. The other $1K I had, in a mixture of w$ and $ I've lost. Pretty agonising to report that. Most of it playing 100NL and 50HUNL and being on the wrong side of big hands. Thats poker though, and another lesson in bankroll management. On the plus side though I have cashed out some money!

On the tournie front, its been ranging from a couple of cheeky $50FO and mainly $10-$20 buy ins. Went deep in two, but yeah not too exciting. Had some pretty funny live games with a few mates in London. The majority of my mates are just picking up the game and there's been some classic hands. After winning the pub quiz for £70 (booya) we divided up the funds and decided to run a poker cash game, pretty sweet! An hour in and there's only 3 of us left, and we are playing 40p/80p blinds. One of my mates, who hasn't played much at all calls on the button, SB folds and I raise to £3 77. He calls, and the flop is 9-2-6 rainbow. I bet £4 he calls. The turn is a 3 completing the rainbow and I check. He thinks, and announces "I bet the minimum". Hmmmm. So, it's 80p to call about £14. I've only got about another £6 behind, and that very funky bet has got me confused to the max, he looks like he never wanted to be in the hand in the first place... so I push the rest in. He flips two aces. Gotta love that play, anyway its the new catchphrase when we play now..."I bet the minimum".

So, back to online poker and my funds are looking low. I've got about 50ish and its all gonna go on tournies today. Another attempt to build the roll, and after playing a huge selection in games I think my HU is most profitable. I'd love to get rolled for $50NLHU soon as I think there's a lot of money to be won there and really is a pure form of poker. A change of fortune would be good though, yesterday I played 12 step one's and didn't make a SINGLE step two, that's pretty hard to do. Could of just gone to step three with that cash! oops. Although away from poker it's gone Ok the last few months, had £2 on the grand national winner at 150-1 and an accumlator came in for another £160 so that's been a litte better on the gambling front, although poker isn't gambling right?!

Hopefully be blogging more regularly, weekly ideally as I pick up the volume and start crushing the MTT's.

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