Sunday, 22 February 2009

mixed results and the PAIN of MTT's!

Right, it's been a while since I've posted an update, mainly because I haven't really been playing too much. Nevertheless I have put in a few sessions and here are the highlights:

1. Winning at 50c/$1 and a nice pot with 8 high
The first session back after a few weeks I decided to two table 50c/$1, going against my BRM rule I posted a while back about not playing this until I hit $4K. Anyway, my excuse was that when you haven't played in a while you kinda want to play something worthwhile! I was pleased that I did because I hit the deck pretty hard, getting my AA v KK to hold up for a $220 pot and ended the session ~$400 up. The next day I did the sensible thing and dropped down to 9 tabling 25c/50c. Things started pretty well, when I RRAI on the turn with 86o on a 5,k,q,7 board, and when with the river was a 2 things didn't look great until he showed 46o!

2. Going back up to 50c/$1
Another reminder here, not to go up levels too quickly. It was one of those sessions where I tried to force the win early on, trying to win every single pot...ooops. I think I was having a bad day and tried to take it out on the tables. One of the first few hands I raised to $4 with KJc and got called by the SB to see a 9, 7, 3 rainbow flop. He checked and I bet $7, and he made it $18. Hmmmmmm. I really didn't believe his c/r here and think he can fold A9/K9 here to a shove...which I did and it wasn't nice to be drawing pretty dead to his set of 7's. He then typed "NH" to me in the chat, what?!, which defo tilted me! Time to reload.

I get my stack up to a more healthy looking $160 so closing in on a breakeven session which would definatley feel like a win when I get AA in the BB and we are 3 handed. The aggressive button (~$140) makes it $3, the SB folds and I make it $13. He calls. The flop was Q 10 7 and I bet $16, he makes it $35. Now obv I'm definately not folding but what's the correct play here, raise or call? I think maybe he passes KQ/AQ here so I'm getting no value in pushing. Anyway, that's what I did! and he called with 10 7 to win the pot. Time to close down all the tables!

3. Back to MTT's
I really think MTT's are all about having the right frame of mind and playing for the win. It's so frustrating just doubling your money after playing for 2-4 hours. Anyway, previously I had lost a fair amount of money (prob around $100ish) playing the stars $12 180 man turbo's. Pretty crap shooty, but aslong as you play aggressive they are defo +EV. So I put 4 up at the same time, and managed to cash in 3 of them but they were all in the 9-18 position which just means doubling up your buy in, very frustrating when you outlast 90% of the field.

Next tournie was a $20 HU shootout. There were 7 tiers, 1st prize of $1.5K and to get ITM you needed to win your first 3 matches. I got a bit of luck to get through my 2nd match my flopped flush vs opponents flopped set and in the third match my AQ beat AK AIPF. So onto the 4th match where the winner got an extra $100. I think I played a bit too dweeby as I was so hungry for the extra $100 to get that KJ hand out of my head from earlier in the 50c/$1 cash game. So, I lost and settled for a small $40 profit.

Final tournie was a $3 rebuy with 5,500+ runners and with $60K in the prizepool. Again, very poor final stage play on my part. I managed to get into the last 60 which is pretty sick and then I got incredibly card dead for about 1 1/2 hours. I finally get JJ and there is a raise, a RRAI and a call infront of me....come on!! I fold the original raiser folds and both the AI's have AK.....which obv missed and would of put me in huge contention for the $8K first prize. Oh well. The final hand there is a small raise in MP from a fairly aggressive player who I've had a few tangles with! I am in the BB and tried a stop and go with 5,2o... I think it's a pretty +EV play tbh but he had AQ and the flop was Q high. So 55th for $100 and 5 hours work.

Anyway enough of the ramblings: Key point is that a) Keep disciplined with the BR b) ALWAYS ALWAYS play for the win in MTT's and take the outdraws as part of the game.

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